Barrier Dental Clinic
Membership As a member of the Barrier Dental Clinic you and your eligible dependents are entitled to receive quality treatment at lower costs. Our fees can be up to 40% lower than many private dentists. Only members and their dependents can be seen at the Clinic.

Who Can Become A Member?Anyone can apply to become a member of the Barrier Dental Clinic. An applicant must fill in an application for membership.

Eligible DependentAn eligible dependent is

  • A spouse or de facto of a member
  • Children of a member under the age of 17 years and fully maintained by the member, not in full time employment, not in receipt of Social Security benefits and entirely dependent on the member.
  • A student who is under the age of 24 years, undergoing full time education and wholly dependent on the member.
  • A child of a member, on reaching the age of 17 years, may become a member and serve no waiting period providing they join within six (6) months of their seventeenth birthday.

Membership CostsFees are currently two dollars ($2.00) per week. Fees must be paid in advance and you may elect to serve a waiting period of 6 months before being eligible for treatment or pay a one off, non refundable fee of Sixty Dollars ($60) and serve no waiting period.

Membership must be current to receive treatment and any member more than twelve (12) weeks in arrears will be removed from the membership list.

Membership can be paid in weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly installments and reminders will only be sent the month after membership is due. Some employers will deduct membership from your wages. Please discuss this with them.